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Green Line Advisory Group of Medford (GLAM)

Mission Statement

Mission Statement
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Mission Statement

Green Line Advisory Group of Medford

Mission Statement

To educate the Medford community on the proposed Green Line Extension Project in Medford, representing all citizens of the city. We believe the proposed Green Line Extension project is not just a transit-oriented project but an urban development project. We respect the right of all citizens to express their concerns openly and honestly thus allowing healthy criticism and skepticism concerning possible adverse consequences. As responsible citizens, The Green Line Advisory Group for Medford will work toward the betterment of our community as a whole to protect our important cultural diversity (socioeconomic) whether the proposed Green Line stops at Ball Square, Somerville or at College and Boston Avenue, Medford, which the Commonwealth has proposed.


1. To become a resource tool for our community concerning the proposed Green Line Extension process by educating and informing the community in an honest and open fashion. Nurture the community participation and knowledge in all processes. Encourage and value all citizen participation.

2. To encourage people of different socioeconomic backgrounds and life experiences to contribute a diversity of ideas, expressions, talents and perspectives that enrich communities. This is how ideas flourish and build.

3. To strive to ensure equal opportunity, accessibility and participation rights for people with disabilities including environmental justice populations as concerns this proposed urban/suburban development project.

4. To support the right to a free and open public process around the proposed Green Line Extension project in Medford. Confront the co-opting of this process by any state and local agency, by special interest and advocacy groups, or, by developers, real estate speculators and architectural urban planners.

5. To challenge conventional wisdom and investigate adverse consequences concerning the proposed Green Line extension process and resulting Smart Growth high density urban development that impacts parking, traffic congestion, air quality, noise pollution and open space.

6. To promote working with legal bodies and representative government at all levels.

7. To resist state imposed policies that result in changing the culture of our community and has the potential to create adverse consequences such as income inequality within the community and lack of affordability. Medford is unique in its historical references and is a mixed income, family oriented community. We strive to continue to ensure all development is focused to benefit all citizens no matter class, race, disability, creed, age, gender, religious belief, or sexual orientation.

8. To protect against urban development projects such as Smart Growth in our community that may create social and environmental degradation. Medford is an inner suburban and urban city with much open space and low density housing with a village; walk-about feel. We wish to protect the natural, environmental habitats within our city and oppose the changing of its character to a high density ;concrete; transient, urban setting.

9. To oppose any community or urban development project that demands eminent domain taking of private property. Work for natural change within the community, not forced change. Protect the property rights of all Medford citizens and especially those vulnerable at risk populations who live in low income, elderly and disability housing.

10. To demand a public process on any university master plan within the city that encroaches upon neighborhoods.

11. Currently we are not seeking a 501 (c) 3 status for funding purposes.

12. As a community grassroots group, we are not seeking the support of real estate developers and their interest.

Promoting accurate and timely info!