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Green Line Advisory Group of Medford (GLAM)


Mission Statement
Announcements of Public Meetings
Phase I Construction Notices to Abutters
GLAM Public Comments
FTA New Starts Regulations
MAPC Community Visioning Process
Abutter Notices
State EPA Response to FEIR
Station Design Work Group
Transit Studies
State Implementation Plan and Annual Reports
Green Line Extension Budget Cost
Project Links
American Planning Association
Preliminary Station Sitings Awaiting Analysis
EOT Methodology Presentations
MBTA Disability Lawsuit Settlement Status
Media Links
You Move Masschusetts
Contact Us


Common Acronyms used in Green Line Extension and EOT documents

ADA American with Disabilities Act

BET Boston Engine Terminal
BRT Bus Rapid Transit (Silver Line)

CAC Citizens Advisory Committee
CA/T Central Artery/Tunnel
CLF Conservation Law Foundation
CO Carbon Monoxide

DCR Department of Conservation and Recreation
Department of Conservation Resources
DEIR Draft Environment Impact Report
DEP Department of Environmental Protection

FEIR Final Environmental Report
FTA Federal Transit Administration

EENF Expanded Environmental Notification Form
EIR (DEIR, FEIR, SEIR) Environmental Impact Report
EJ Environmental Justice
EOEA Executive Office of Environmental Affairs
EOT Executive Office of Transportation
EPA (MEPA, NEPA, USEPA) Environmental Protection Agency

FTA Federal Transportation Administration

LOS Level of Service

MAPC Massachusetts Area Planning Council
MBTA Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
MEPA Massachusetts Environmental Agency
MGL Massachusetts General Laws
MHC Massachusetts Historical Society
MHD Massachusetts Highway Department
MGNA Medford Green Line Neighborhood Alliance
MPO (Boston Regional) Metropolitan Planning Organization

NEPA National Environmental Protection Agency
NO2 Nitrous Oxide
NPDES National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System

OCD Office of Community Development
OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration

PM Particulate Matter
PAG Project Advisory Group

RTP Rapid Transportation Plan
ROW Right of Way
RTN Release Tracking Numbers

SIP State Implementation Plan
SEIR Single Environmental Impact Repot
STEP Somerville Transportation Equity Partnership
TAZ  Transportation Analysis Zone
TSM Transportation System Management

VOC Volatile Organic Compounds

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